Pellet Fuel Estimates

Michigan Fuel Estimates for Heating with Wood Pellet Stoves or Fireplace Pellet Inserts

Chelsea Hearth and Fireplace owner, Chris Livengood, offers a Michigan cold season pellet fuel estimate based on personal experience:

" We have heated our home for nearly nine years now with wood pellet heat and are often asked,

“How many pellets does it take to heat a home”?

The answer: It varies per household.

I use my home as an example to help customers gauge what they might expect. We have a well insulated, 3,000 sq. ft., 2-story home. During an average Michigan winter, we will use 4-5 tons of wood pellets (50-40 lb. bags per ton) at a cost of about $200 a ton.

On propane, our home would cost us roughly $800 per month to heat! For us, pellet fuel has been a huge savings. "

~ Chris Livengood, Owner