Frequently asked questions

Fireplaces are very safe as long as they are installed correctly. Only hire a licensed pro to install your fireplace properly and safely.

The type of fireplace will depend on what you are looking for in a fireplace, layout of your home and the style you are trying to achieve. We look forward to helping you find the fireplace that is right for your situation and needs.

As an alternative heat source, fireplaces can add value to your home. The actual value will depend on type of fireplace and location, let us help you determine what is best for your unique situation.

There are multiple options for converting your wood burning fireplace to gas. We can help you properly install gas into your fireplace that is safe and maximizes energy efficiency.

All gas logs need to have the doors open when burning to properly draft and avoid overheating

If you can provide the make and model of your current unit, we can look into the possibilities of adding a remote on your current system.

Yes, while you will always get radiant heat from the fireplace itself, a blower will draw heat from parts of the fireplace body and help push it out into the room, increasing the heat given off.

Yes, the burner has a battery back up option. While the blowers and lights will not operate as usual, the burner will still come on, making your fireplace a great back up heat source.

While the timing will depend on how often you use it and how long, we recommend having a maintenance service done yearly.