In 2002, we built a new home outside of Chelsea on seven acres. The first winter nearly killed us with $700/month propane bills and so began the long search for an alternative heat source that would lower our heating bills.

We had heard and read quite a bit about wood pellet stoves and corn burners, so we began purchasing and testing different products.

Over time, (nearly 14 years later) we have tested a dozen manufacturer units including wood burning, wood pellet and gas stoves.
We started a business in 2006 that came to include wood and wood pellet stoves on our sales floor during the winter months. Each year we found the demand for more hearth and fireplace products continued to grow. We restructured the company in 2012 exclusively as a full-time “just hearth products” business. We changed the company name and moved to a new location that would allow our business to offer and display a full line of wood, pellet and coal stoves, fireplaces, gas inserts and hearth retail items and fuel.
After three years at our 2nd location, we relocated to our current store 350 N. Main St. in downtown Chelsea, Michigan and expanded our business hours. With this larger showroom, we’re able to showcase a much wider range of fully operational models for visitors to see and feel in person. We now also display electric fireplaces, new additions to our product line.

We more than doubled our display area and are now able to show around 50 different models of Fireplaces & Stoves in our showroom. We continue to add new manufacturers when we believe they have high quality products. We have continued to grow our relationship with a number of Premier Fireplace companies. Our installation and store sales staff has continued to grow both in numbers and knowledge over the last 7 years.

We are still very selective when it comes to the quality of the products we sell. While we cannot compete with the big box stores in terms of volume pricing of models they carry, we strive to surpass them in product quality by carrying models with the highest efficiency ratings from the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. Another plus for our customers is the maintenance, parts and repair services we provide for all models we sell.

We offer complete 1 stop shopping for people looking to renovate what is often the focal point of their main living space, their fireplace, mantel, and surround area. We perform all of the mechanical and carpentry work in house, using just a select few subcontractors for finishes such as stone & tile.

What began over 14 years ago as a quest to heat and cool our own home affordably and efficiently has grown into a business helping other families achieve the same for their homes.  Over the years we have added the ability to do all types of interior finish updates, as well as supply top of the line fireplaces and stoves.

We look forward to continuing to help educate and guide families seeking to change the look of their fireplace, while still being energy conscious.   We hope you’ll stop by for a visit very soon.

~ Ron & Chris Livengood, and the whole team at Chelsea Hearth & Fireplaces